In 2010, just for the fun of it, and as a diversion from the work I was doing, I attended a class about how to make beaded jewelry.  I immediately enjoyed the idea of designing and creating necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  However, it was only with my retirement that I was able to devote myself more fully to fashioning jewelry.  

      And thus, SylviaJewelry was formed, giving me the opportunity to extend my enjoyment to others.

Gold-toned necklace
8.  Please tell me which of these multiple strands you want to learn about.
11.  Stunning Swaravski crystals, 19" long necklace with pendant.  $85
10. A dazzling necklace of auburn elements & variegated grey/green/pink stones, glass pendant, 29" long plus the pendant.  $90
9.  Gold toned 19.5" long symmetrical necklace, 3" extension chain, acrylic foiled beads, gold plated spacers.  $50